History – Bibliography

 The annotated bibliography will serve as your final assignment for this course. Like other final papers, you are expected to choose a topic (theme, event, institution, etc.) from the time period History 1 covers (pre-Columbian to 1877). Then you are expected to locate three sources (books, articles, etc.) that are likely to enhance your understanding of that topic. (For example, locating a book on The Iroquois Confederacy should enhance your understanding of Indian Nations of the Americas).
Unlike a final paper, an annotated bibliography, while the final writing assignment for this class, is also a research tool. Whether at a library, online, or both, you find sources for a topic (books, articles, etc.), then use the annotated bibliography as a means for analyzing each source: What is the book/article about (summary)? Is it a reliable source (assess)? How does it help you to understand the topic you have chosen (reflect)?
Make sure you follow the more specific guidelines regarding MLA citation and the content of your annotated bibliography listed on the syllabus.
For you topic, you can very specific or very broad. So long as the topic fits into the chronology of the course (pre-Columbian to 1877).
For example: Race/Racism (broad topic), slavery (more specific), Nat Turner’s Rebellion, The Underground Railroad, The Black Codes (all very specific).
You may also do a biography (George Washington, Abigail Adams, Harriet Tubman, , etc.)
I encourage you to use library and online search engines to locate sources. Please, keep it to books and academic or journalism articles (No Wikipedia, etc.!!!)
Here is an example of a completed annotated bibliography on three sources. The format of this example is how your annotated bibliography should look: Annotated Bibliography Example

A good place to begin looking for sources would be the EVC Library.

For more information on annotated bibliographies: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/01/

For more information on MLA citation: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/


This File is the Example of the BiBliography