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Your first Primary Document Analysis involves your close study of Mary Rowlandson’s 1682 bestseller, Sovereignty and Goodness of God. As you read it, keep in mind that the Puritans of Rowlandson’s generation were the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the people who believed they were creating a ‘City on the Hill’ – a unique society of devoted Christians who would be blessed by God and who would show the world what a Christian society should look like. Rowlandson lived through one of the most devastating periods of conflict in American history, King Philip’s War. Knowing these things should inform your reading of this text. Rowlandson, along with her male editors (very likely prominent ministers like Cotton Mather), had an audience in mind when she wrote, and had certain messages she hoped to convey.
Below are three documents. The first is the text of Sovereignty and Goodness of God, as a Word document. The second is Part One of the instructions, and the third is Part Two. You will be submitting two separate documents for this assignment, as the instructions will explain. You will be able to attach two separate documents, but make sure the two documents have different names