HIP 57274 b

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My planet/star is HIP 57274 b. These are the instructions for my planet/star.

Good Sources: Helpful sites to search for some information about your planet and its star:


Font size: 11-12 (NO LESS THAN 11)!
Page limit: 3-5 pages including a table, 1-2 figures and citation. SINGLE SPACED.
Extra figures can be attached at the end of the paper.
Citation should include names of authors, title of the paper, year of publication, name of the journal, volume and page numbers.

  1. In a table

Characteristics of the planet/star system, such as:
planets distance from its star (semi-major axis, or a)
Age, mass, temperature of the star
stellar type (spectral type)
mass of planet
distance from us to the star + planet system
presence of sibling planets, if known, and their names

  • Discussion of the uncertainties in these values, e.g. range of possible age/mass (such as 4 0.5 billion years old) need to be included.
  1. In a discussion part of your paper

How and when the planet was discovered
Where the planet is in the Earths sky
Comparison to our solar system
Time to get to the planet if we could travel at the speed of light
Time to get to the planet if we travel right now with current technology (just use the distance from us to the star to calculate the travel time)
If it might be habitable, and why (we will learn about this during the class soon)
Whether life might exist on this planet, and why/what kind
Should we go to this planet, and why

Calculations to do:

You also need to calculate travel times to your planet with imaginary spaceships at two different speeds.

Find the distance to your star. The unit must be either in PC or lightyear (ly).

Convert pc to light year.

Note that 1 parsec (pc) = 3.262 lightyear (ly)

Then, using the distance in lightyear, calculate the travel time to your planet by assuming two cases:

1) If your spaceship can travel at the speed of light (3 x 10^5 km/sec)

2) If your spaceship travels at the fastest possible speed (currently possible): about 45 km/sec (when New Horizon was at its highest speed).

Calculate how long it would take you to travel to your planetary system for the two cases given above.

Discuss how you might travel, and what factors may be problems for your space travel.

Is it feasible now? Discuss if you think space travel to your planetary system could be possible in the future.