Highway Engineering

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The road we will use will be route 352 which is in Delaware county, Pennsylvania. The starting coordinate is 39.915366, -75.424780 and the ending coordinate is 39.943339, -75.469283. The intersection that we are concerned about is 39.917538, -75.440315. The horizontal curves are located at 39.918723, -75.429414,  39.919908, -75.442976, and 39.932645, -75.448469.


The maintenance functional code of the road is B

The classification of the road is: Limited access and major arterial highway.

The textbook we use is:

Find out the following:


Pavement design should include the calculation of the following:

ADT (use this website http://www.dot7.state.pa.us/itms/default.asp)

Growth Rate

Calculation for the volume of traffic



Standard Deviation

Pi & Pt

Asphalt base, granular base, and subcase


MAKE SURE you use PennDOT and AASHTO when doing the work

Provide a full report including calculation, tables, figures, and the sources of any equation or data used.