Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Please follow the powerpoint presentation and write a report using the structure and those 4 case studies [Case Study 1 – Items of State significance – Nettheim v Minister for Planning and Local Government, Case Study 2 – Items of Local significance – Woollahra Council v Andriotakis & Ors, Case Study 3 – Items of Local Significance – Tova Pty Ltd v Parramatta City Council, Case Study 4 – Item where a ICO was issued – Meldeep No 5 Pty Ltd v Manly Council].



General instructions


One only of the following questions must be answered.


You are asked to work with 2 or 3 other students (but with no more than 4 in a group) in researching the topic and to either individually or as part of your group:

  • Prepare and submit a written report/essay on the topic; and
  • Give an oral presentation, being:
    •  a summary of your research towards the written report/essay; or
    •  a short persuasive argument encapsulating any point of view or any important aspect of the matter you may wish to present.

If time and numbers permit the “presentation” may be by way of a “debate” between members of 2 groups who have chosen the same topic. Each person should prepare his or her presentation in conjunction with other members of his or her group, allowing 5 minutes for each group member.


The written report/essay should be substantially completed by the beginning of the second block.

It should be finalised in the week following the oral presentations and should incorporate any ideas or greater understanding gained from the presentations


As a guide only, your written report/essay should be approximately 3,500 words. It must be succinct and persuasive.


At the end of your report/essay you must say who you worked with and what their contribution was.

For joint reports/essays, the name(s) of the student(s) leading the group and editing the document should also be given.


Remember that every student contributing to a group report/essay is responsible for ensuring that it is completed on time and that the entire report/essay complies with UTS’ requirements relating to plagiarism.http://web.uts.edu.au/teachlearn/avoidingplagiarism/


The oral presentation is to be given in the second block.


Every other student in the class must also participate in the presentations of others by (as a group task) critiquing the presentation and by asking a question of the presenters.

Further guidance will be given in class in the first teaching block. The learning content of the first block will relate to issues raised by the assessment.

Read the materials provided on working in groups.



Question 4 Understanding statutes and subordinate instruments: Heritage


Prepare a presentation on the taking into account of heritage considerations in the determination of development applications.


Centre your presentation on a case study.


Start your research by reading:


  • The Heritage Act 1977;
  • Relevant provisions in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979;
  • The heritage clauses in at least 3 LEPs;
  • Chapter 17 of Farrier;
  • Chapter 12 of Lyster;
  • At least 3 Land and Environment Court cases dealing with heritage issues.

You should also go to:


  • The Department of Planning web page;
  • Heritage council webpage
  • Wherever else your enquiring minds take you.