"Herbert Hoover and The Great Depression"

Write an essay on “Herbert Hoover “ and “The Great Depression”

You will then identify 3 scholarly books using WorldCat (www.worldcat.org), 3 scholarly articles using JSTOR, Academic Search Complete, Academic OneFile and 3 reputable websites to create a bibliography related to the topic.

  • The summary must be typed and doubled-spaced, have 1-inch margins, and be 1 page.
  • The use of current Turabian formatting is required.
  • Your essay must be divided into 3 distinct parts: an introduction, the body, and a conclusion.

o   In your introduction (approximately 1 paragraph), you must introduce the main arguments of your essay and present a clear thesis statement.

o   In your body (at least 3, but generally more than 3, paragraphs), you must define and analyze your arguments. You must also provide specific examples and/or quotations to support your assertions.

o   In your conclusion (approximately 1 paragraph), you must summarize your main arguments and reiterate your thesis statement.

  • Before writing your paper, make an outline that is divided into the above parts (introduction, body, and conclusion).
  • Make sure that your paper has a persuasive thesis and that each paragraph contains a clear theme.
  • Keep each of your paragraphs to a reasonable length. Paragraphs that are either too short or too long are not normally effective. A good rule of thumb is to keep your paragraphs to an average of 10 lines.
  • Use quotations sparingly and avoid long quotations (greater than 5 lines). Only use a quotation when you cannot say it better. If you do use a quotation, make sure that you cite it.
  • Make sure you include page numbers with all citations.