Healthcare Market strategy

Unit 1 Assignment: LearnScape | Episode 1

Many of Bright Road Health Care System’s facilities are located in areas that are currently serving many Gen Y patients, and will be serving increasing numbers of Gen Z patients within the next 5 years. This means the Health Care System’s online resources are, and will increasingly be, the primary source of health care information for the community, and the main promotion outlet for the Health Care System.


Assignment: Staying Relevant


The analysis and recommendations are to be submitted to the instructor for grading.

In this LearnScape, you will meet with the CEO of Bright Road to discuss her concerns about the relevancy of their online resources. You will work with the marketing director of Bright Road to learn about their current online resources and utilization information. Then, you will review Bright Road Health Care System’s website and Facebook page. Website evaluation elements include appearance, content, usability, functionality, and search engine optimization. Facebook evaluation elements include cover photo, profile picture, page title, likes, people talking about this, about and engagement. Using this information, you will then make recommendations to the CEO about how to improve online presence.


You are to email some suggestions for improvements to Bright Road’s Facebook page and website. Now that you have reviewed Bright Road’s Facebook page and website, e-mail a short proposal to Amit Patel (350–500 words). Your proposal should include the objectives for this project and the target audience, including:

  • A thorough review of the website and Facebook page.
  • Specific details on how the website and Facebook page could be improved.
  • New ideas and how they could be implemented for Bright Road.