Healthcare Law and information technology

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For this paper, you will select a healthcare law. You will discuss this healthcare law as it relates to health information technology and meaningful use requirements. What do you think is the impact of this law on the organization? What is the impact of the law on the patient? What are the considerations for data collection and storage? How does the healthcare law affect patient quality in the organization? Offer a conclusion that articulates why this law is beneficial or detrimental to the organization and/or patients. Remember to support your reasoning with evidence (such as peer-reviewed articles, etc.).

You should provide an introduction that briefly describes the healthcare law and the part that pertains to health information technology; your main points with supportive evidence (from peer-reviewed journals and professional legal/government websites), and your conclusion.

• APA format
• 5–7 pages (excludes cover and reference list)
• References need to be from acceptable resources (e.g., peer-review journals, government websites, key organization sites, etc. Do not use sources from opinion websites or Wikipedia-type sources.)
• Times New Roman font
• Font size 12 (or equivalent on a Mac)
• One-inch margins