Order Instructions/Description

Describe the Performance Appraisal process that is used for the position you have been analyzing in assignments 1 and 2. Include copies of the appraisal form (blank, not completed) used and any policies, guidelines, or training materials that are given to raters in the organization.

Complete either (a) or (b) as appropriate. This section should be more than one page, double spaced and not more than three pages.

If there is no appraisal form for this position, develop one and describe how it addresses the key concepts covered in Chapter 7, including those suggested below in item (b)
If there is an existing Performance Appraisal (PA) form, critique it in relation to the key concepts covered in Chapter 7. Be sure to compare the dimensions used in the PA with the written job description. How does the appraisal focus on traits, behaviors, and/or outcomes? Are the ratings relative or absolute? How are the rating levels described and how clear is the differentiation between rating levels? How does the appraisal focus on the past, the future, or both?

Does this company use a 360 degree feedback process? If so, describe it. If not, suggest who else might participate in the appraisal process to improve the quality of the feedback.

Does the company use the PA to determine compensation amounts for the employee?If not, what is their reasoning? If so, describe how it works.