Health indicator ***due in 2 hours***

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Health indicator due in 2 hours
In a minimum of 75 words please respond to the following:
Paragraph: life expectancy, infant morality, and subjective well-being of females in TEXAS, the indicators, the stats and why u think the stats are that way.
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health indicators
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Health xxxxxxxxxx
Student’x xxxx
Health xxxxxxxxxx
Life xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx is 78.45 that xx xxx xxxx xx 76.01 while for xxx female is 80.84 xxxxxx xxxxx xxx been xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx expectancy xx xxxxx xxx to improved xxxxxx care services xxx increased xx xxxxxxx xx income xxxxxxxxxx for xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx introduction xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx longer than men in Texas xxxxxxx women don’t xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxx labour xxxx men. xxxxxx mortality xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx 7.6 xx xxxx to xxx in 2014 as x xxxxxx xx improved xxxxxx care services, xxxxxxxx parental xxxx and xxxxxxxx maternal xxxxxx xx Texas. xxxxx xxxx lower xxxxxxxxxx well-being in xxxxx because they get xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx breadwinners xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxx for every one xxxxxx x man makes.
xxx xx xxxx
Organisation xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx and Development. xxxxxxx OECD xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Paris: OECD.
xxx of xxxx
xxxx L. G., & Thomas, R. xx (2013). The demography xx xxxxxx and healthcarex xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
Bottom xx xxxx
Bottom xx Form

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