Health Care Management Problem

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria: Competency 1: Communicate effectively in writing. Identify a health care management-related topic relevant to the current health care environment. Describe a current health care management problem. Write coherently to support a central idea in appropriate format with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a business professional. Competency 2: Apply research skills. Apply research to explain a current health care management problem. Support ideas with relevant scholarly or professional resources. Competency 5: Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Describe solutions to a current health care management problem. Assessment Preparation Effective decision making requires the ability to consistently identify and choose the best option from multiple possibilities. It also requires imagination and logic. Applying the critical thinking process in your professional life will help you disassemble complex health care management problems and better understand the factors that influence your thinking, along with the potential implications of your decisions. In this assessment, you will apply the critical thinking process to identify, research, and suggest a possible solution to a health care management problem. To prepare, complete the following: Review New Health Care Management Realities, located in the Assessment Resources. Select a health care management-related topic. You may choose a health care management topic you would like to research to gain new insight that will be helpful to you in your current work environment or just a health care management topic you find interesting. Some examples might include the poor health of hospital employees, disaster preparation, data breaches, physician shortages, and so forth. As you choose your topic, think about how knowing more about the topic will improve your career or advance your organization’s mission. Selecting an appropriate topic will let you develop a sound argument that is supported by expert opinion. Once you have your health care management-related topic, think about a problem connected to the topic that you would like to research. For example, if your topic is improving patient safety, the associated problem might be the challenge faced by hospitals in getting employees to use an error-reporting system. If needed, use the steps and process described in The Critical Thinking Process located in the Assessment Resources. Then, research your topic and problem. Locate 3–4 scholarly or professional resources on the topic. The resources you locate can help guide the focus of your paper. For example, if your topic is improving patient safety, and your problem is how hospitals can encourage employees to use an error-reporting system, your research may lead you to focus on how managers can empower employees to solve problems. Your research and the critical thinking process should also help you develop possible solutions to the problem. Assessment Instructions Begin drafting your research paper by developing an introduction, a body with at least three titled sections, a conclusion, and a reference page. Using subheading titles within the body of your paper gives direction and purpose to each of the sections. Then, summarize and paraphrase the ideas you researched, using in-text citations to give credit to the sources you found. Your assessment should be well organized and include the following sections: Title page. Introduction (2–3 paragraphs): A good introduction provides an overview of the topic, explains the purpose of the paper, and informs the reader what the paper details. For your assessment, clearly introduce the topic and provide the titles of each section within the body. Provide the following items in your introduction: Identify the health care management topic. Describe the health care management problem and explain how it is relevant. Define the focus of your research. Body (2–3 pages): The body of a good research paper should have at least three sections. Directly connect each section back to the focus of your research as defined in the introduction. Use the findings of your research to clearly state what you discovered. Be sure you explain why or how to add substance to your topic. For example: Why is it important for hospital employees to report errors? How might unreported errors affect the hospital? Note: Support your statements with the scholarly or professional resources from your research. Keep in mind that Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly resource. Conclusion (2–3 paragraphs): Restate your topic or problem and give a brief synopsis of your research, reiterating the key points. Then, summarize your final thoughts, including solutions and implications for your topic. If there are still lingering questions about your topic, also include them. Conclusions are typically 2–3 paragraphs long. Reference page. Include three resources. Additional Requirements Follow APA format. Use 12 pt., Times New Roman font. Double-space. Refer to the Health Care Management Problem Assessment Scoring Guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assessment.