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Paper details:    Addressing Diversity
1) Providers must learn new tools to eliminate disparities, build trust with patients, and understand how international biases and pre-established stereotypes affect quality of care.{{{{{ Write a paper that identifies and defines various tools and measurements that can be used to measure the effectiveness of diversity programs and policies established by the organization.}}}}}}}}}}}}}

2) Address how each of the following must be considered when considering how to implement an environment of diversity:

a) Government regulations.

b) Social pressures.

c) Industry and company ethical codes.

d) Tension between personal standards and the goals of the organization.

Lecture Note
1. Module 8 Lecture
Read Lecture 8.
Textbook OPEN TO PAGE (172) FOR CHAPTER 13
1. Health Organizations: Theory, Behavior, and Development
Read chapter 13.
1. Measuring Inclusiveness
Read “Measuring Inclusiveness: Study Looks at Hospitals’ Cultural Competency” by Carlson, from Modern Healthcare (2008).
1. Demonstrates thorough knowledge of the issues surrounding diversity and their implications. Clearly answers the questions and develops a very strong rationale. Introduces appropriate examples.
2. (Integrates Information From Outside Resources Into the Body of Paper);;;;; Supports main points with references, examples, and full explanations of how they apply. Thoughtfully, analyzes, evaluates, and describes major points of the criteria.
3. Thesis and/or main claim are comprehensive. The essence of the paper is contained within the thesis. Thesis statement makes the purpose of the paper clear.
4. Clear and convincing argument presents a persuasive claim in a distinctive and compelling manner. All sources are authoritative.