HCAD 610 Assignment 3: Team Assignment

HCAD 610 Assignment 3: Team Assignment

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Assignment 3: Team Assignment (5 pages)

Your team is responsible for identifying an Health Information Technology (HIT) solution you think is important for the delivery of healthcare. This can be a solution currently being used or something new and innovative you believe should be used.

This paper will introduce the audience to the HIT solution and make a case for its use in healthcare. Consider the elements of the Big Picture Model when developing your research paper (i.e. what business problem in healthcare does this HIT solution solve, how do external or governmental factors effect this solution, how do HIT leaders feel about the solution, what type of technology is involved, is the solution an application of some kind, how do we deliver the solution through services, how might we acquire such a solution, who are the users and what do they think of this solution, how does it impact the patient, and how do we assign value to its use).

Write down each of these questions/elements mentioned as subheadings followed by your response to the question/elements