Gun Control or Illegal Music

Select One of the following: Gun control: What is a solution/compromise on which lawmakers, gun enthusiasts, and the anti-gun community can all agree? Illegal music/movie downloading: What is a solution/compromise on which artists, fans, and industry executives can all agree? Should college athletes be paid? What is a solution/compromise on which athletes, athletic directors, and collegiate sports organizations can all agree? Student selected topic – you pick the topic, narrow the controversy, identify the conflicting parties, and produce a Rogerian argument. Take this topic and present an argument that follows the Rogerian model of argumentation. Building and establishing common ground, of course, is an essential component of the Rogerian model. Length: 750—1000 words Resources: Three database articles from EBSCOhost and/or Opposing Viewpoints. No Web sources. Format: APA style. All three articles must be cited using proper APA style in-text and reference page citations. Also, essays should be typed and double-spaced. Please use 12-point Times New Roman and standard side margins. Include an APA title page, abstract, in-text citations, and reference page. Evaluation: Structure and Organization: Adherence to the conventions of the Rogerian model, construction of argument, focus, transitions from one idea to the next, a thorough exploration of the chosen topic, etc. Grammar and Spelling: Papers will be expected to conform to standard grammatical rules. Language: Articulate and clear arguments, variation of sentence types, complexity of language, appropriate word choice, economy of language, etc. Length and Development: Full development of ideas, paragraphs, inclusion of examples, etc. APA Formatting: Correct use of APA style and formatting, proper in-text and reference page citations, title page, etc. Important Reminders: Given the length of this paper, no block quotes may be used. That being said, your quotes need be under 40 words in length. This essay must follow the 70/30 rule. 70% of the essay should be your points and your ideas. No more than 30% of the essay may come from research (quotes, paraphrases, summaries). Use 3rd person voice in your essay – no “you” statements, and “I” statements (if used at all), should be used sparingly (and only to establish ethos). Pick which ever you feel more strongly for.