Growing up in New Guinea

Growing up in New Guinea

Paper instructions:
Subject of paper is the book Growing up in New Guinea by Margaret Meade
here is a link to a free web based copy of the book. I have also attached a PDF

Writing Assignment Detail
1. In your paper name the culture and anthropologist doing the study.
2. Specify the setting (in time and place) and a brief (no more than one page) historical or
archaeological background of the culture, as appropriate for your research paper.
3. Discuss several dominant patterns, such as language, kinship and marriage, economic
system, political organization, and religion as given in the ethnography you read.
4. Concisely describe these aspects of culture in an 8-page research paper (plus the
Reference page) as you strive to make the culture real for the reader, as relayed by the
ethnographer and to relay an understanding of the culture.
5. This paper must not be an encyclopedic reading of the culture; rather, it should give the
reader a sense of being in that culture and vicariously experiencing the participant
observation of the anthropologist who did the fieldwork among living people.
6. In order to avoid an encyclopedic reading, incorporate interesting details of the
ethnographic fieldwork data from your sources, such as quotes from the anthropologist as
he or she observed the culture and quotes from the people reported by the anthropologist. 7. Incorporate the anthropological perspective by including at least one reference to and
discussion of an anthropological theory and the theorist.
8. Incorporate the anthropological perspective throughout your paper. Use anthropological
terms in your descriptions and analysis of the culture.

Your overall task is to describe major features of the culture as perceived by ethnographers
and some anthropological interpretation of why the culture has particular features.

Use the following guidelines, checklist, and presentation instructions:

Submit Hard Copy. A hard copy of your paper is to be turned in at the beginning of class on
the due date. Papers will not be accepted by any electronic method. Lateness for technical
difficulty is not excused. Staple your paper before coming to class.
Style Guide. Use The American Anthropological Association Style Guide plus specific
formatting as assigned by the instructor, outlined in the checklist below.
To view the AAA style guide see
Use in-text citations. See the checklist below for citing references in-text.
References must include only sources that you cite in-text, and every in-text citation must
also appear as a reference, fully formatted in alphabetical order.
Research paper checklist:
o Do not use a cover page or folder.
o Use 1-inch margins, double spacing, and Times New Roman 12-point text.
o Start writing at the top margin of the first page. Fill 8 pages with concise writing.
o Put your name, date, and class on the top left lines of the first page, single spaced.
o Uniquely title your paper according to your research and writing, naming the culture.
o Center the title, double spaced under the line with your name, date, and class.
o Double space between paragraphs, two lines, not four.
o Indent the first line of each paragraph one-half an inch from the left margin.
o Number your pages in the bottom center margin starting on page 2.
o Single space and indent quotes longer than three lines. Quotations marks should not
be used for indented quotes. Keep 12-point text for indented quotes. Do not italicize.
o Italicize non-English words.
o Title reference page “References”, centering the word at the top margin.
o Alphabetize references on your reference page.
o Each reference must be cited in-text: (author’s last name, year, page #)
o To cite articles in-text where the author is not identified: (organization name, year,
page #). If there is no page number, use paragraph number, counting down from the
o Completely format each reference using the AAA style guide.
o Edit your final draft for spelling, word choice, transitions, and sentence structure.
o Ask a reader to review your paper, and then make final edits.
o Do not re-use a paper that was done for another class or plagiarize another’s work. I
will only grade papers that comply with the assignment. No grade = zero points and could have more serious repercussions: see the Butte College Academic Honesty