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Assignment Details A block (“design and built”) contract (including the sub-structure and superstructure) for a 41-storey non-standard domestic block of three wings building link to a central core is to be commenced with some of the Project data given as follows: Location of building =Upper Wong Tai Sin Estate Phase 3 Use of building = Non-standard domestic use Width x Length of building = 12x18m, 15x17m, 15x26m Height of building = 114m Time for completion of required =28 months Foundation = Reinforced concrete pile cap supported on piles Framework = Comprised of structural steel frame building with r.c. lift core Fire protection to steel = Fire resistant coating Facade / Perimeter wall = Steel cladding Roof cover = Steel cladding Founding level = Piles to be found at suitable soil or rock stratum and pile cap to be clear at 2m below existing ground level. Testing Requirement = All tests for verifying the design and material requirements shall be carried out by a HKHA laboratory The contract is to be commenced with the construction of sub-structure and followed by superstructure. In case of doubt, make reasonable assumptions. Submissions: Put yourself as a new comer Director joins this company recently, intends to give an essay of management not less than 2,000 words to criticise and compare the chosen aspect between Public and Private sectors. For Construction of Upper Wong Tai Sin Phase 3 AT Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon Contract No.20050089 BNV6102 Bid Strategy group project Group 6 Page 1 Content Assignment Details Introduction P.2 1. Technology 1.1 Precast Concrete Façade P.4 ~ P.16 1.2 Augreen Block Wall System P.17 ~ P.21 2. Management 2.1 Obtain Authorization to commence the project P.22 ~ P.24 2.2 Sequence of site works P.24 ~ P.25 2.3 Time Managements P.26 ~ P.27 2.4 Cost Management P.27 ~ P.29 2.5 Quality Management P.30 2.6 Safety Plan P.30 2.7 Environment Management System P.30 ~ P.32 2.8 Risk Control Plan P.33 3. Programming 3.1 Method Statement P.34 3.2 Site Logistics P.35 3.3 Tendering / Subletting Program P.36 3.4 Statutory Submission Program P.37 3.5 Sequence of Works P.38 3.6 Construction Program P.39 3.7 Manpower Program P.39 3.8 Payment Program P.40 4. Tender Estimating 4.1 Abstract P.41 ~ P.42 4.2 Study on bidding decision of significance P.42 ~ P.43 4.3 Bidding skills/tips P.43 ~ P.46 4.4 The Total Project Cost Contingency P.46 ~ P.47 5 Innovation 5.1 Innovative products for construction P.48 ~ P.51 5.2 Innovation security equipment in construction P.52 ~ P.54 5.3 Innovation of design software technology in construction P.54 ~ P.57 Appendix P.58 References P.59 BNV6102 Bid Strategy group project Group 6 Page 2 Introduction As a director, in order to make sure the project completed on schedule and smooth to control various aspects of project. A project planning proposal should be provided before the project start and by using the plan to control and coordinate the project. This project will for the construction of proposed redevelopment of Upper Wong Tai Sina Estate Phase 3 of a 41-storey non-standard domestic block of three wings building link to a central core and approx. 114m high from ground floor to main roof level and Curvilinear Cvered Walkway including associated Site formation works and External works in 28 months from Date of Possession. In order to construction this project, I set out a project planning plan for this project. 1. Hoarding erection for site boundary 2. Ground investigation field works for the determination of rock stratum is required 3. Monitoring check point to be provided during the site formation works 4. Construction typical floor of structural steel frame super-structure and RC core wall of lift and one lift machine room on the top. 5. Construction building envelope of precast facade with tiles in every elevation. 6. Fire resisting coating to be provided for the protection of the structural steel member. 7. Provision of internal and external finishes works and building services such as HVAC, electric work, fire services, plumbing and drainage works. 8. Provision of seven lifts (one fireman use) inside the building. Similar as-built project photos shown as below for reference. BNV6102 Bid Strategy group project Group 6 Page 34 3. Programming 3.1Method Statement To complete this project on time and within 28 months, the following construction techniques shall be adopted. 3.1.1 BIM shall be used to monitor and control the whole construction period. Including the drawings submission and approval, drawing control, transmittal and retrieval. Construction schedule can be made by BIM system to supervise effectively the subcontractor to complete the works on time, the supplier to deliver the materials by schedule. 3.1.2 Precast Façade – to be used at units for typical floors, core wall for whole building and all structural elements. It can avoid the serious delay because of the reinforcement worker’s shortage in Hong Kong construction industrial general scenes. 3.1.3 Cellform HX formwork (Origin in England) to be used instead of traditional formwork at soffit slab for whole building. More durable than traditional timber formwork. Reducing the time of changing of the broken timbers. Reducing the time of transportation by manpower due to the timber’s heaviness. Reducing the time of concrete repairing after concreting due to its’ smooth surface. 3.1.4 Security Equipment – High quality HD CCTV shall be provided on tower crane to monitor the whole site day by day. Monitoring routine construction program and preventing theft or person who is not permitted to entrance the site. It can reduce the frequency of incident and extra management time. 3.1.5 Augreen Block Wall Sytem – to be used at all internal, non-structural vertical elements, partitions instead of traditional brick wall. It combines with the acoustic function, fire resistant, high strength, waterproofing features and higher productivity. 3.1.6 Planting – One tower crane to be used for hoisting the materials to appropriate working place from storage area. Usage time from difference trade shall be arranged by our site agent or foreman 3.1.7 Construction Cycle – 5 days cycle selected. Please see Chapter 3.6 3.1.8 Scaffolding – Adopt the metal scaffolding to save the repairing time. BNV6102 Bid Strategy group project Group 6 Page 35 3.2 Site Logistics Site logistic is also a very important component in a construction industry in terms of time control. It is an immense difficulty to deliver the bulky quantities of material to a limitation space of site at one time. So a good and comprehensive planning on site logistic is a most appropriate way to solve the logistic problems. The material transportation mostly divided into difference ways. One is the horizontal and the other one is vertical, hoist by manpower or machines. To catering for this residential building, one tower crane is provided for covering whole site. All materials are to be placed at the podium floor level. Externally transport to site entrance and internally transport to podium floor level. The following chart showing the allocation of using the tower crane by difference trade on concreting stage. Daily hoisting chart (tower crane) Item Trade 8:00~9:00 9:00~10:00 10:00~11:00 11:00~12:00 1. Scaffolding 2. Precast concrete 3. Cellform HX 4. Reinforce bar 5. Concreter Materials storage BNV6102 Bid Strategy group project Group 6 Page 36 3.3 Tendering Program / Subletting Program To effectively ensure the project can be completed on time, it is necessary to pay attention on the subletting schedule. Monitoring all consultant’s drawing issuance progress. Do the best preparation of tender documents. Tender package issuance schedule No. Tender package Target date of issue Target date of Tender Target award date 1. Precast Façade 1-2-2014 1-3-2014 1-6-2014 2. Window / louvre 30-3-2014 30-4-2014 15-7-2014 3. External wall tile 15-3-2014 15-6-2014 15-8-2014 4. Tile adhesive 20-4-2014 20-6-2014 1-8-2014 5. Formwork & setting-out 15-5-2014 15-6-2014 1-9-2014 6. Steel bar fixing 15-5-2014 15-6-2014 1-9-2014 7. Concreting 10-5-2014 15-6-2014 1-9-2014 8. Augreen block wall
1-9-2014 1-10-2014 1-12-2014 9. Plastering & Painting 30-11-2014 1-1-2015 1-3-2015 10. Stone finishing 1-4-2015 1-5-2015 1-7-2015 11. Housekeeping 15-5-2016 15-6-2016 15-8-2016 At the time of receiving all the necessary construction drawings (AI), the suppliers and subcontractors are being awarded. All shop drawings and materials submission must be made by the suppliers and subcontractors according to the specification, design intent etc. There is a drawings submission schedule for our monitoring of the drawings and materials approval status. (All works must be commenced prior to authorized endorsement) Shop drawings Submission ( Architectural ) Item Location Description Approval deadline for proceed fabrication Target Submission Date Reply Date Actual Approval Date 1st 1-Jul-14 15-Jun-14 H D 2nd 8-Jul-14 22-Jun-14 H D 3th 15-Jul-14 30-Jun-14 H D 4th 22-Jul-14 8-Jul-14 H D 5th 30-Jul-14 15-Jul-14 H D 1st 1-Aug-14 15-Jul-14 H D 2nd 15-Aug-14 22-Jul-14 H D 3rd 22-Aug-14 30-Jul-14 H D 4th 30-Aug-14 15-Aug-14 H D 1st 15-Jan-15 1-Jan-15 H D 2nd 22-Jan-15 8-Jan-15 H D 3rd 30-Jan-15 15-Jan-15 H D 1st 15-Jul-15 1-Jul-15 H D 2nd 22-Jul-15 8-Jul-15 H D 3rd 30-Jul-15 15-Jul-15 H D 4th 7-Aug-15 22-Jul-15 H D Comment from consultants Precast Façade Augreen block wall Stone finishing Window / louvre 4 Tower 2 3 1 BNV6102 Bid Strategy group project Group 6 Page 37 3.4 Statutory Submission Program The following figure 3.4.1 demonstrates the statutory submission sequence. Commencement of construction works are needed to be grained Government’s approval. Difference Departments are responsible to their own business. Such as EMSD, Housing Departments, Plumbing & Drainage Department, FS and so on. Get approval on time is also a critical path to complete the works on time. Foundation works Tower Structural works Permanent Power On Lift builder’s work Lift Certificate T & C Submission of Form 5 EMSD Inspection Lift Installation H/O of LMR Builder’s Work H/O to HKE TX Installation Issuance of Fire Certificate FS Inspection Submission of Form 501 P & D Installation WSD Inspection Submission of Form H Submission of Form G & Ga Water Certificate Window Glazing & Water Test External Wall Tiles & Painting Dismantle of Preliminary items Make Good Surface BD Inspection Issuance of Occupation Permit Submission of Form BA13 Final Clean & Clearance Project Handover Figure 3.4.1 BNV6102 Bid Strategy group project Group 6 Page 38 3.5 Sequence of Works (including innovation items) Superstructure construction procedures: 1. Construct steel frame structure – supply and install steel structure in one sub-contractor that it would be more efficiency on the program of the works. 2. Construct core wall for lift – make sure the size of lift can functional after the installation of lift supplier. 3. Construct Precast Facade – installation procedure or method statement must be submitted and approval before commencement of the works. 4. Provide the fire resisting paint work – after completion the steel works it should be paint in fire resisting paint that has the requirement in our contract. 5. E&M works – material submission and approval, supply and install during after the structure and completion date. 6. Trades works-material submission and approval, supply and install should be follow to general notes. Whole buildings uses the wet concrete, platform construction methods according to traditional practice, First step install columns, and then formwork, steel works and concreting, in this process propose 5 or 6 days cycle for complete each typical floor. In order to lifting material and formwork, we will build a temporary platform in the lift shaft. From the construction of buildings to the existing building propose build a 3m width of the ramp scaffold for protection. On the other hand, according to the requirements of building regulations need to submit detailed reports for the cantilever slab which design exceed 750mm. Construction of Residential Project at Upper Wong Tai Sin Phase 3 DAY ITEM 7:00 ~ 8:00 8:00 ~ 9:00 9:00 ~ 10:00 10:00 ~ 11:00 11:00 ~ 12:00 12:00 ~ 13:00 13:00 ~ 14:00 14:00 ~ 15:00 15:00 ~ 16:00 16:00 ~ 17:00 17:00 ~ 18:00 18:00 ~ 19:00 Façade installation reinforced bar fixing (wall) Formwork 2 Formwork Formwork Reinforced bar fixing (slab & beam) 4 Reinforced bar fixing (slab & beam) Concreting reinforced bar hoisting 5 (One tower served by one tower crane) 1 5 day cycle daily time 3 Figure 3.5.1 General 5 day cycle on concreting period BNV6102 Bid Strategy group project Group 6 Page 39 3.6 Construction Program Construction program also call milestone program. Generally, it shows critical path, milestone date and construction sequence for whole project. For this project, I have prepared the milestone program. Please see the Appendix X. 3.7 Manpower Arrangement To allocate the site staff to be theirs own role and responsibilities at various months. Manpower is neither or a most important thing in any fields. For increasing the efficient and productivity of construction project, it is necessary to make a proper decision on manpower arrangement. The following chart (Figure 3.7.1) showing the most efficiency and valuable on how to distribute the site staff for whole project cycle for carrying out their own duties. Figure 3.7.1 BNV6102 Bid Strategy group project Group 6 Page 40 3.8 Payment Program The payment shall be cert by various construction phase according to the below figure 3.8.1. Figure 3.8.1 Suppliers and Subcontractors shall enquire us for payment application according to the above construction phase. Month Item Description of works 6 months 6 months 6 months 6 months 4 months 1 Site formation Paid 2 Superstructure Paid 3 Precast Facade Paid 4 M & E installation Paid 5 Fitting out work Paid 6 M&E Inspection Paid 7 Covered walkway Paid 8 Landscape areas Paid