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Background: Adelphi University School of Business International Business Project You are a senior manager of an American Fortune 500 company. At a recent strategy meeting, the Board of Directors has requested that the company begin to ‘globalize’ with existing or new products. You have been given this assignment and have also been given the authority to develop a team to accomplish this business objective. The parent company will also supply reasonable financial support. Objective Summary: To introduce a new consumer product or service, for an American company, in a foreign country. The first tasks are to select a country and product/service (new or existing) within two weeks and provide a one page outline. This is to be followed by a comprehensive and detail proposal of the product/service and a high level implementation plan. Minimum Project Requirements: 1. Size of market (demographics, socioeconomic state, urban/rural). 2. Product/service description and sociocultural acceptance of product 3. Any adaptation necessary? 4. Legal/bureaucratic environment (imports, local manufacture, taxation). S. Competition in market. 6. Economic and political climate for foreign business. 7. Methods for marketing and distribution. 8. Managerial and labor climate. 9. Financial viability (profit margin, currency translation, profit repatriation). 10. Implementation Strategy Project Report: The report will at least cover all topics in the Minimum Project Requirements outline plus an executive summary, introduction (country and product) recommendations and an implementation strategy. The report will be about 20 pages (double-spaced) and will have an appendix that contains exhibits and supplemental material. Examples are maps of the country, tables, charts, journal articles, UN info, etc. Project Presentation: The project will be presented to the class using Powerpoint prior to exam week. Twenty minutes will be allotted to each team. Each member will participate in the presentation. Question and answer session will follow. Suggestions on What to Consider and How to Prepare and Present the Project 1. Be sure to provide your audience background information pertinent to understanding the Parent Company (establish basic background info). Some items to consider are: • Founding history to present day • Type of company • Overview of corporate growth • Merger/acquisition activities • Vision/Mission statement if present • Major products and services • Current and historical revenue data • Recent significant events of a corporate nature 2. The Current International Scene (where company has major operations) • Review the competitive arena • Identify countries operated in/sold to • Identify changes in the market • Discuss significant socio/economic trends • Identify changes in marketing and production technologies • Identify organizational and control methods 3. Identify and discuss the international challenges the company is faced with and how they are currently handling the challenge, such as: • Financial/cash flow methods • Local cultural habits • Government policies and practices • Local laws • Product/service pricing • Advertising • Supply chain management • Currency and foreign exchange methods • Collaborate arrangements • Production/service capabilities • Infrastructure needs • Global and local ethical considerations • Management & human resource policies CHECKLIST OF OTHER ITEMS YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER DURING PREPARATION OF REPORT. OFFICIAL LANGUAGE GOVERNMENT SYSTEM POPULATION AREA NATURAL RESOURCES MAJOR CITIES AGE BREAKDOWN TIME ZONE HOLIDAYS WORKWEEK RELIGIOUS/SOCIETAL INFLUENCES ON BUSINESS CULTURAL CHARACTERISTICS 3 ECONOMIC OVERVIEW TRADE FLOW WITH THE UNITED STATES MONETARY POLICY TRADE POLICY PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS FOREIGN INVESTMENT CLIMATE CURRENT LEADERS AND POLITICAL PARTIES POLITICAL INFLUENCES ON BUSINESS PASSPORT/VISA REQUIREMENTS INCOME AND STANDARD OF LIVING 4