Greek culture

Homer’s Iliad and Wolfgang Petersen’s Troy (2004) develop their own unique depiction of the Trojan War. Each representation demonstrates concepts that are acceptable to the cultures in which they are produced. The Iliad says something about the Greek culture in which it was produced, and Troy makes it’s own claims about our own time. o Your assignment is to develop an essay that identifies a substantial difference between these two texts and develops an argument that explains why this difference is significant. • PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a simple compare and contrast essay in which you outline differences between the two. • INSTEAD your assignment is to think critically and explain why a particular difference is significant. o This assignment requires you to be familiar with each work, and to develop a persuasive argument from your reading. o You should plan on using specific examples from the text. o Please read the remainder of these instructions, as they will help you understand what I am asking you to do. • HELP GETTING STARTED o You may want to consider one of the following as a key difference: • Representation of Religion • Honor • Women • Heroes • Narrative structure and style