Great Recession of 2008

Analyze the Great Recession of 2008 and address the following in a paper:

  1. Specify the exact duration and severity of the 2008 recession. 2 points
  2. Identify and explain the root causes of the 2008 recession. 6 points
  3. Identify the three individuals, firms or agencies that, in your opinion, contributed the most to the recession and explain your answer. 4 points
  4. Explain the economic actions or controls the U.S. implemented to fight the 2008 recession, and how effective they were in fighting recession. 4 points
  5. Identify any actions the US failed to take in fighting the 2008 recession. 2 points
  6. Explain the role of moral hazard in the recession and the recovery. 2 points

Note: Your assignment must be in expository essay form, comply with APA style formatting, be 3-7 pages long (not counting cover and references pages), and in MS Word.