Part I:Global Trade and Hegemony in Historical Perspective

Part one Issues: Definitions of globalization, mercantilism, colonialism, capitalism, hegemony, trade instruments

 Questions: What is globalization?  Why did colonial empires emerge?  Why did they end?  What does capitalism have to do with all of this?­­

  What Is New About Globalization?

Why did the  European Empires End?

PPT. Colonialism, Merchantilism, and Imperialism

Crash Course Video on Imperialism

Capitalism, Colonialism and Hegemony

Questions: How did colonialism impact the colonies economically, politically, culturally?  Did any of these impacts endure after decolonization and independence?

PPT. Capitalism, Colonialism and Hegemony


 Dealing with a uni-polar world and  USA as Super Power

  Questions:  How has the rise of the USA as a super power impacted  economic  and political relations (alliances?)  with former colonial powers and their colonies? Do you think the world is evolving toward a multi-polar world  and who are the major power groups (groups of nations) and their relations to  each other?

Dealing With a Uni-Polar World,

PPTs Dealing with a uni-polar world

View assigned video Zeihan: America’s Superiority and Geography

View assigned Video: Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context