Global Supply Chain

Assignment Requirements

You are the global supply chain officer of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and are responsible to analyse the global supply chain of the stated product range in relation to four key performance indicators of quality, time, cost, and CO2 emission. Considering that the product range is involved in a fast and furious supple chain, you will critically evaluate the current issues, challenges, and expected future of the global supply chain of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. You will use a few lines in indicating the rational to select the product range, then critically analyse the quality improvement, cost efficiency, speed and environmental sustainability of its global chain. The critical analysis includes using plenty up to date peered reviewed academic journal articles as theoretical background and analyse the theories in relation to the fast supply chain of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Further instructions:
1. Make sure you have a good understanding of the supply chain of the product range. The actual information do not have to be concise, you only need some background information.
2. You must understand that you are focusing on fast global supply chain, which has its own difficulties such as very quick time to market.
3. You are better to understand the theories, concepts, and strategies that could reduce the cost of supply chain (eg. Lean, outsourcing, etc.), improve the quality (eg. TQM, Six Sigma, etc.), have impact on faster delivery (eg. Localization, lean, etc.), and also promote environmental friendly supply chain (eg. Localization, lean, waste reduction, etc)
4. You must analyse these theories and strategies and critically evaluate how these can interface or clash with each other (eg. Lean versus Agile) to promote a more efficient global chain.
5. You need to look at some examples of potential or actual problems and issues in relations to any of these KPIs in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s supply chain and then critically evaluate how the strategies or practices or theories can improve the global supply chain of one of these product ranges now and in the futures, and what could be the benefits and limitations.
6. References must be good quality journal articles and books.


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