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Analysis Assignment – Cold War Round 2


Read the article found at the link below:


Why a new Cold War with Russia is inevitable


Using the guidance below, conduct a short analysis about the recent actions by Russia that are starting to worry European countries and the US. Ensure that you FULLY respond to each of the questions below as it pertains to this emerging crisis.


These assignments are meant to have you take your thinking a bit deeper than the discussions. Topics will be on current issues that are relevant to your career work and likely, our nation’s future. Below are some guiding questions that you should consider when asking yourself “What should I write about this topic?” As stated above, be sure to check spelling/grammar and cite any ideas that are not your own. (simple one line source entries will do). I hope this will get your neurons pumping and reduce any anxiety about how these assignments should be approached.


  1. What is this event/situation all about – (summarize the situation in general terms enough to give the reader a basic understanding of what is happening)
  2. Who is the antagonist and who is the protagonist?
  3. What impact is this situation/event having on the nations involved? On the region?
  4. What is the impact, if any, on the United States? (foreign policy; economic; cultural; social; military/security etc)
  5. What actions should the US take (your opinion with your justifications)
  6. How do you think this situation will eventually resolve itself?
  7. Are there any lasting affects on the US that might impact us now or in the future?