Global marketing

Global marketing

Order Description

Part A is Screening.

Conduct an international marketing screening process on the target countries and recommend the best target market( select one country or region), explaining and justifying your screening criteria. (2000 words).

Marketing Plan

Part B

Objectives:- 3 SMART marketing objectives should be Justified by PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis, Porters’five forces and Competitor ananlysis.

Strategy:- should be justified by Ansoff matrix, STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning)
, Push pull and Positioning map. (Part B should be 1000 Words)

Part C is Tactics (4Ps).

1- Product:- branding, packaging, pre/after sales service etc.

2- Price:- Objectives, strategy, positioning, discounts, premium, penetration, skimming etc.

3- Place:- Exporting methods, channel of distributions, sales force organisation. etc.

4- Promotion:- direct sales- sales force, sales promotion, PR, merchandising, advertising expenditure, media (target audiences), agencies. MUST PRODUCE A PHYSICAL EXAMPLE OF 1 TYPE

Part D is Budget.

Promotional budget(You have £1,000,000 allocated for the year to use for all 3 marketing objectives)
How will the promotional budget be monitored?

Part E is Controlling the marketing plan.

Who is involved
Key points/stages
Reviews and amendments
Measurement of achievement

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