Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Assignment Requirements

You are part of an Asian-Pacific Conference advisory team to organize a conference about “Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (GLSCM)”. You have been asked to suggest TEN different themes for this conference. The themes are the main criteria that conference papers and presentations must be relevant to and must be related and beneficial to GLSCM and crucial for both researchers and business owners. The conference delegates are university academics and post-graduate students, logistics and transport executive leaders and also some executive business leaders of global organisations around Asia, America, and Australia. You will critically justify the selection of these themes, which could represent research and business hot topics in GLSCM with support of up to date peer reviewed academic journal articles. As part of justification, you will critically analyse these themes and their importance to be part of this conference both theoretically (research and literature-support) and practically (business-support). You are expected to present these ten themes very clearly. The themes do not have to be only limited to Asia, America, and Australia and could potentially be a broader global theme.

Further instructions:
1. You must justify why it is a hot topic.
2. Topic must be good for research
3. Identify the areas which are missing or those which people don’t understand
4. You can look up for some examples of themes in any conferences related to the Global Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Service, Operations Management, International Business Management, Global Logistics to identify the themes. But these themes must be justified in relation to benefits to GLSCM and must also be substantiated by the support of academic journal articles or literature. You cannot present them based on assumption.
5. You can refer to any ever-increasing research topic or any popular research area in GLSCM, or any creative idea that you have to present these themes as long as you justify and substantiate them with up to date journal articles and literature.
6. You are advised to spend 100 words per theme


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