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China is now the world’s largest exporter of industrial goods followed by the United States and Germany. To many commenters Chinese producers are in direct competition with businesses in the US and the EU. But are they? One way of trying to answer this question is to analyse the product composition of exports from China and compare it with the product composition of exports from the United States and then EU.
This PMA asks students to say:
(a) How similar is the product composition of China, US and EU exports of manufactures? Use data for 2014. Construct 2 tables; one for the main product groups under the heading manufacturing* and the other for the sub set of products under the heading machinery and transport equipment. You will to calculate percentages using the data in the attached table. (15 marks).
(b) What, if any, are the major differences between the product composition of manufactures exports from China on the one hand and US and EU exports of manufactures on the other? i.e Chinas export  composition compared to the US exports composition and Chinas export composition compared to EU export composition . (15 marks)

(c) By reading some articles can you say why these differences might exist? (50 marks )

*Iron and Steel, Chemicals, Machinery and transport equipment, Textiles, Clothing.

Higher marks will be awarded to PMAs that show students have done some relevant reading, they understand a literature on the PMA topic and then reflect that understanding in a well structured, logical, easy to follow PMA answer. An answer that contains evidence of critical thinking and analysis of the evidence by looking for linkages within a clear conceptual framework will be awarded far higher marks than one which describes something at length.
Length. The WMG guideline is between 3,500 and 4,000 words. This is the expected length of a strong GBE PMA answer.
Number of references. Depth of understanding is likely to reflect depth of reading. Typically students that cite a few (3 or 4) references offer PMAs that contain big gaps in breadth and depth of relevant points. Students that have read say 20 articles and understood them would probably offer PMA answers with few significant gaps. List of references should use the Harvard system
Introduction. Many PMAs ask you to start off the answer with a clear introduction. You do not need to do this with the GBE PMA. Your focus should be solely on answering questions as set.
Plagiarism. Do not do it. All quotations  should start with quotation  marks i.e “and finish with quotation marks i.e” and a reference.
This note is set out in Times New Roman type face 12 point. If you could adopt this type face and point size in your PMA answer I would be most grateful. I do not want to read 4000 words in a sans serif type face like Ariel.