Giving examples, discuss some of the psychological and social factors that can influence the way an individual experiences pain.

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Hi dear writer i have 2 essays the first essay is a plan essay 600 words for the final essay which is 1800 words.

Firstly i need from you to do the first essay (essay plan) the one have 600 words then i will submit it when i get the confirmation form my teacher i will ask you to do the final essay the one have 1800 words.

all the details in the attachment include:
1 plan essay guideline and outline and plan essay question
2 i have attached example plan essay ( the question for the example plan essay is different from my question but you can look at the structure and do the same thing if you can)

please make sure you use Harvard style and in text references. (pls i need from you to do the same Harvard references style in the example essay that i have attached)
also please make sure all the references are from google scholar and they are available and accessible .