Give examples of each according to APA standards. Also find the errors in the below listed paragraph according to APA standards and correct them. See below for details.

Give an example of a: Paraphrase with citation, Direct Quote with citation and Block quote with citation according to APA standards.

Review below and correct the errors according to APA standards.

“One strikingly unusual feature of e- commerce technologies is that the technical standards of the Internet and, therefore, the technical standards for conducting e- commerce are universal standards. They are shared by all nations around the world and enable any computer to link with any other computer regardless of the technology platform each is using. In contrast, most traditional commerce technologies differ from one nation to the next. For instance, television and radio standards differ around the world, as does cell telephone technology. The universal technical standards of the Internet and e- commerce greatly lower market entry costs— the cost merchants must pay simply to bring their goods to market. At the same time, for consumers, universal standards reduce search costs— the effort required to find suitable products.(Laudon & Laudon 2009)” Potentially anyone on any machine able to get the internet up and running is a potential marketing nitch. Making it unique and it’s abilities to reach a diverse market of buys as well as producers at peek performance. “The Web makes it possible to deliver rich messages with text, audio, and video simultaneously to large numbers of people. (Laudon & Laudon 2009)” After all, that is what a sales pitch is, a message.