Georgian diaspora culture, identity and youth work in the UK

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About yourself 1. What is your age? below 18 18 to 24 25 to 34 35 to 44 45 to 54 55 to 64 65 to 74 75 or older 2. What is your gender? Female Male 3. Have you born in — Georgia UK Other (please specify) 4. If you have born in UK, are you — Second generation Third generation N/A Other (please specify) 5. How long have you been living in UK less than 2 years between 2 – 6 years between 6 – 10 years more then 10 years Next About you family 6. What is your marital status? Single Married Widowed Divorced Separated Never married Other (please specify) 7. How many children do you have? none 1 2 3 4 more than 4 8. How many of your children do live with you in UK? none 1 2 3 4 more than 4 Prev Next About keeping in touch with your country 9. During your whole stay in UK how many times have you or a member of your family managed to visit Georgia? none 1-2 times 3-5 times 5-8 times more than 8 times 10. During your whole stay in UK how often have you contacted to you family members and relatives living in Georgia? Daily Twice or three times a week At least once per week At least fortnightly At least monthly Occasionally 11. During your whole stay in UK how many times have you managed to bring your family members, close relatives or friends to stay with you for a short period of time? never once twice more then twice Prev Next About your life in UK in relation to your culture and identity 12. While being Emigrant is your ethnic identity — your weakness your strength did not play any role in your integration process Other (please specify) 13. Since being living in UK and adopting to democratic life, has you national identity become — more important for you than it was while living in Georgia? less important for you than it was while living in Georgia? insignificant for you (due to feeling to be part of multicultural society) Other (please specify) 14. Since being living in UK has your Georgian culture become — More distanced to you more embracing for you mingled with other diverse culture experienced in UK have not noticed any change Other (please specify) 15. Because Georgian are believed to have strong national consciousnesses, how far do you agree that it is hindering character for emigrant Georgians to integrate? highly likely less likely not at all Other (please specify) 16. Since being living in UK, have you been prompted to compromise between your National Identity and full integration into UK society? I have been, but managed to overcome the chalange I have been and could not manage to overcome the chalange I have been and still fighting back to the challange I have not experienced such challenge Other (please specify) 17. If you were British origin rather than Georgian in regards the ethnic identity and culture, would your chances to be a successful UK citizen be — much higher higher the same lower much lower Other (please specify) Prev Next Your relations with the theories about the danger of compromising culture and national identity 18. There is a notion that exclusion by western nations is a threat to the general identity and cultural practices of the visiting populations. Using the scale below, how far do you agree or disagree (5 means strongly agree and 1 strongly disagree) 1 2 3 4 5 19. Following the notion in question 18, Neil Thompson believes that these fears are of great significance in determining the likelihood of the Georgian culture and identity surviving the hostile foreign impact in the UK. Using the scale below, how far do you agree or disagree (5 means strongly agree and 1 strongly disagree) 1 2 3 4 5 20. Other researchers continue to assume that the fierce environment is awaiting the Georgian population in the western countries in their pursuit to maintain and develop their cultural identities. Therefore, the conclusion is derived that the fear of victimization and prejudice among the visiting foreign population would compel them into ignoring their cultural identity and practices and adopting the foreign practice and systems as a replacement of the unpopular own cultures. From your personal experience do you think that this conclusion is Far from reality as cultural identity and practices can not be abolished Partly true, but exaggeration of real situation as cultural identity and practices can be still preserved while adopting foreign ones Real projection of scenario awaiting for Georgian population in the fierce environment faced in the western countries, as without having clear strategy in place in terms of promoting Georgian culture and ethnic identity from its best side then it can be compromised by internalized oppression. 21. With regards the Georgian youth, critics foresee that as they grow up in the foreign environment with new set of friends and peers, it is highly unlikely that they can overcome the peer pressure exerted by the UK youth on them, especially during their elongated interactions in schools and other social places. Therefore it is highly likely that the Georgian youths could find copying and integrating into the foreign system as a means of enhancing their acceptability and recognition by the British population. Using the scale below, how far do you agree or disagree (5 means strongly agree and 1 strongly disagree) 1 2 3 4 5 Prev Next Your awareness and/or experience about Georgian government support to diaspora populations 22. Research shows that the Georgian government has demonstrated its intention to promote the local culture and identity through its citizens oversee by setting up numerous project and activities. From your experience based on this assumption which statement would you agree most? Georgian government may demonstrated its intention to promote the local culture and identity through its citizens abroad, but failed to realize this intention on a practical level Although Georgian government arranged the mechanisms initiated through the government and international projects, critics still foresee an extended period of compromised Georgian identity and culture Georgian government has successfully implemented national strategies in place which promoted the general growth and development of the cultural identity and integrity of its citizens in foreign countries 23. Are you aware of any projects initiated by Georgian Governmental Organisations intended to promote the local culture and identity of its citizens oversee? Have not heard about them have heard about them but never benefited or known anybody benefitted out of them I have benefitted or known other emigrant Georgians benefitted Other (please specify) Prev Next What can be done to address the challenges faced by Georgian emigrants in terms of their integration 24. Throughout the history the Georgian families have showed an exceptional resilience majorly due to their ability to reconfigure and modify themselves to suit particular political and social context, while preserving the culture and identity. This characteristic has been widely associated with the influence of their Orthodox Christian religion, which virtually dictates the entire form of life led by its faithful. From your point of view, which services offered by the Church would you find most helpful in overcoming the challenges in terms of preserving your culture and identity? Please give ranking Liturgical services Pastoral services Sunday schools Church based youth and adult clubs 25. Since being emigrant in UK which of the factors below have you found most empowering in terms of maintaining appreciation of your own culture and ethnic identity? please give ranking Continued network of kinship communication Cultural and familial connections to Georgia Modern communication links making it easier to be connected to your culture and identity Family and community gatherings, celebrations and rituals Sustained close family ties Bonding with community based groups such as religious, educational, art, sport and other groups 26. Since been living in UK what was the most important factors for you in getting bonded with community based groups? Please give ranking. Ethnicity Religion Common values, norms and understanding Common experience social class Kinship and friends
hip Peer relationship 27. From practical terms what would be the most powerful social engine for Georgian families especially for Georgian youths to promote the Georgian culture and identity? Please give ranking. Organizing family clubs in order to promote kinship and friendship communication Arranging sport, dance or folk music clubs in order to promote young peoples cultural connection to the heritage of Georgia Organizing after school clubs or Sunday schools promoting Orthodox Christian religion, Georgian language and Georgian history. Setting up day nurseries and or preschools Setting up free schools (State-funded but not controlled by Local Authority and run by parants) 28. Cooperation between institutions and channels of the different native minorities to combat discrimination and address socio-economic inequalities is essential. Using the scale below, how far do you agree or disagree (5 means strongly agree and 1 strongly disagree) 1 2 3 4 5 Prev Done