George Percy: Feelings towards the Indians

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For this discussion you are to assume the role of one of the historical figures listed in the assignment description. Further information about a number of characters may be found in the Web Links as well as your text. Tell us a little bit about your character (as them). What are the feelings of your historical figure toward these “Indians” who are so different from them? Do they see anything good about them or only negatives? What shaped their opinions? I picked George Percy, an Englishman in the newly discovered Virginia as my historical figure.
Sample Discussion
My names are George Percy, born to the Earl of Northumberland in 1580. I was the youngest son in the family and had to spend most of my life in the military service. I joined many quests including the Dutch battle against Spanish occupation. According to Pitbull (2011), I joined the expedition quest in search of colonies in 1606 which eventually led me to settle in Virginia in 1607………..ORDER NOW…
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