Geographies of war, occupation, resistance, and terrorism

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Critical thinking paper

Based exclusively on the vast and diverse course assigned materials (the textbook, the recommended books, the online short readings, the PowerPoint slides, the videos or video synopses, and the current issues in the news announcements) write a critical thinking paper in which (1) you mention briefly the background of the Iraq war (the Palestine-Israel conflict, the Cold War wars, and the Afghan ‘jihad’ of the 1980s), (2) you discuss briefly the “what” of the Iraq war (how many U.S. soldiers were killed, how much money was allocated to the war, how military operations were conducted, how many Iraqis were killed or displaced, etc.), (3) you elaborate on the REAL “why” and “who” of the Iraq war (whether the United States invaded Iraq to search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, spread democracy into Iraq, control Iraqi oil, protect Israel from Iraq, protect Arab Gulf states from Iraq, destroy an ally of Al-Qaeda, or achieve other objectives), and (4) you discuss briefly the links between the Iraq war and the so-called ‘Arab spring’ uprisings since December 2010. The critical thinking paper must be formatted as a Microsoft Word file (the critical thinking should be about three to four single-spaced pages, 1500 to 2000 words).


*note: Course materials draw upon a great variety of sources, including required

online short readings, PowerPoint slides, videos or video synopses, current issues in the news,

recommended books.