Genre awareness

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

This week will be continuing our conversation about the way we use, adapt, and adopt language by focusing on standard, edited American English (SEAE). Rather than think of it as ‘better’ or ‘good,’ we should think about SEAE as more effective or appropriate given our context (or the situation that we find ourselves communicating) and the audience (or who we want to communicate with). That means we have to determine what the situation and audience are before we decide to use home language or SEAE to convey our message. We do that by reading and analyzing the writing situation. The writing situation is comprised of the author, audience, context, purpose, and requirements.

  • The objectives for this week are to identify characteristics of the academic writing situation.
  • The purpose of this week is to apply methods of close, critical reading to the academic writing situation.


In order to help us shift through the great variety of genres available to us both in print and digitally, we need to be able to analyze what is in front of us. To help us take on that task, you should complete the attached worksheet on genre awareness