Genotyping by High Resolution Melt (HRM)

To be specialist in Genotyping of rs4680, a Met/Val single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in COMT by High Resolution Melt (HRM)
2) Task Description
You need to write for master level the lab report discussion section about Genotyping of rs4680, a Met/Val single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in COMT by High Resolution Melt (HRM). Attached is summary_methods_results.doc. The attached one has the results in which to be discussed in detail and in profession way and not only copy and paste from methods or results. The discussion section must address all the results and demonstrate and explain the results deeply.
3) Assignment length:
To be minimum 4000 words excluding references, coversheet, appendices. Table of contents etc…. A draft report must be sent.
4) Reference:
In text references are required, and to be in Harvard style with minimum 30 references books and academic journal. . All sources must be identified and appropriately cited
5) Submission:
The deliverable product must meet the following criteria
Knowledge and Understanding: You consistently demonstrate an ability to absorb, reflect upon and deploy a wide range of subject-related knowledge and concepts, with few if any lapses in accuracy and understanding. You are able to apply excellent critical judgment to new information and ideas, comparing different data and perspectives in order to develop, substantiate and defend your own position.
Problem Solving: You regularly demonstrate the confidence to go beyond the limits of the task, identifying additional issues and suggesting ways of addressing any problems.
Research and Reading: You clearly recognise the importance of wide and independent reading, and are developing effective research skills, which take you well beyond the obvious or suggested sources of information. This is reflected in work, which demonstrates an impressive grasp of relevant knowledge and an original approach to the topics and problems involved. Often this is reflected in work that goes well beyond the scope of the task.
6) Conduct Statement:
Task work to be original and no plagiarism is allowed and accepted. Proof reading is also to be carried out.