Genetics Lab

Assignment Requirements


Complete scenario 1 and scenario 2 filling in the provided questions referring to the images provided in each scenario. After both the scenarios have been filled in refer to them to fill in the assessment.

12 point font Times New Roman, APA format



Scenario One – Our patient seeks genetic counseling

Kayla has a family history of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), which is a sex-linked trait. The patient wishes to know her risk of having an affected child. Her grandmother was a known carrier. DMD is an inherited disorder that involves progressive muscle weakness. It affects approximately 1 in 3500 male births worldwide and is inherited in an X-linked recessive pattern.

The following pedigree was drawn up by the genetic counselor. Our patient, Kayla, is #13.



Answer the following:

What are the relationships between 1 and 2:
1 and 5:
1 and 10:
6 and 7:

4 and 5:

5 and 8:

8 and 10:

1 and 3:

What are the chances her mother was a carrier?


What are the chances our patient is a carrier?


What are the chances she passes the syndrome to a male child?



Testing would establish her status as either a carrier or a non-carrier-

If she is a carrier what are the chance of her having an affected child?


If she is not a carrier what are the chance of her having an affected child?




Scenario Two – Our patient seeks genetic counseling

Emily, a forty year old pregnant woman has an amniocentesis which provides the karyotype below.

Using the karyotype above answer the following questions:


What is the gender of the fetus?


Are there any chromosomal abnormalities? yes/no?

What would this chromosomal combination result in? Syndrome name?Bottom of Form



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