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Please read the questions carefully.  They are designed for you to apply your knowledge of SRA111 to answer them.  Think about what you have read, your discussion boards, and your projects. When you have this complete, please save the document as a word document with your LAST NAME (ie morgan.docx) and upload the file to the FINAL dropbox.

After reading Week 8 (The impact of your security operations) and Week 7 (Chip and Pin) discussion boards, how do you believe as a consumer you can protect your identity, your assets, and your data from would-be hackers?  Please reference quotes from fellow classmates and/or from the articles. (Please limit your answer to 100-200 words)  (10 points)

As the CEO of a 5A1 company, (reference Dun & Bradstreet for meaning), you have instructed your Chief Financial Officer and your Network Administrator to restructure your “log-in” procedures for employees, who use computer devices within your company.  You noticed there are gaps.  Some employees use a multi-level and some use a single sign-in.  Briefly outline a structure from top to bottom defining the Authentication-Authorization-Access Control for the different groupings within the business.  (NOTE: I am referencing a “5A1 company”) (20 points)

Use the Additive (or shift) Cipher System to decode this message.   (15 points)


Solve the following equation to acquire the additive key.
2y2 – 26y = -84   Solve for Y.

Your additive key will be the integer result.

Deciphered message:

(Show decipher table for first 13 letters)

Plaintext    a    b    c    d    e    f    g    h    i    j    k    l    M
position    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13
Additive Key:

Position of cipher text
Cipher text

As a Network and Security Administrator, you are asked to monitor employee activity during the day.  Your AUP policy does not permit the use of outside devices. You noticed a rogue device on your network.  What procedures do you follow to eliminate and prevent future usage of this device on your network?  What happens to the owner of the device, who is NOT employed at your company? (15 points)

You as a small business owner have chosen NOT to comply with the Federal credit card standards set forth on October 1st.   You use your smartphone for customer transactions.  Your smartphone is hacked and at least 20 customer credit card/identification information is stolen.  What should you as a small business owner have done to protect your customers? (5 points) (The answer is NOT “they should have complied with the standards).