Gender Perspective – Reflexive Diary Entry

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a 500 word reflexive diary entries, like the example provided, on the following five topics:


1.) Exploring the intersections between ethnicity, class and gender:

Does Connells hierarchy of masculinities describe what YOU see as being representative of masculinity or are there types missing


2.) Gender and Crime:


Consider whether male or females should be able to be sex workers if they choose to do so?


3.) Gender and the body:


Naomi Klein suggest that forced adherence to standards of physical beauty has grown stronger for women. Do you think it is the same for men?


4.) Feminism:


Discuss any of the areas in which women still need to achieve equality with men. Consider the following:

-Pay, hiring, and promotion;

-Ending violence against women, both inside and outside the home;

-Easily available birth control and abortion services;

-Election of women to political office;

-Top management positions in business and

-Increasing the numbers of women in fields such as police service, construction, law, science, academia, etc.


Or, if you feel women already have equality in these areas, please state this and discuss evidence for this opinion


5.) Social movements:


-Should all-women shortlists be used, where appropriate, to redress the gender imbalance in Westminster?