Gender in marketing

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Writing Prompt Essay #5 The Details – Due: December 1st – Length 3-5 pages – At least 3 citations required Assignments Your fifth essay asks you to identify an intersection of identity and discuss how it affects how populations are divided and stratified. You can choose any intersection you want between any varieties of identity markers (race, class, sexuality, ability, nationality, etc etc etc). Your essay should have a clear thesis statement that makes clear what intersection you are talking about, how that intersection is communicated, and what kind of social/cultural/political work that intersection does. I am looking for a few specific things in this essay. First, I am looking for you to put forth your final and most complex argument about communication and social reality. This requires you to think very carefully about what you want to say and how you want to say. You will need to tap into the entire semester’s worth of content and challenge yourself to contribute something novel to the conversation. Second, I want to see your most carefully designed and organized essay yet. Careful attention must be paid to a solid thesis statement (put it in italics) and an organized body that is easy to follow. Finally, I want this paper to reflect some aspect of our course content that you find most interesting. This may or may not reflect your own identity. I simply want you to engage in the intersection of communication and social reality in a way that resonates with you as a thinker and writer. Writing Checklist: Make sure you can answer “yes” to all these questions. – Do you have a strong thesis statement early in the essay? – Have focused on a detailed construction of supporting arguments? – Do you have at least three different citations? – Have you edited your work carefully, not just for errors but for clarity and flow as well? – Have you limited your use of first person pronouns? – Do you have three full pages of writing?