Gender Equality and Rights of Woman in Egypt (United Nations)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

 you will be writing a POLICY PAPER about ( the gender equality and the rights of women in Egypt) and find the developments and the united nations council/ organizations policies that deal with it . the paper must be 5000 word long, double spaced. approximately 18 pages long, excluding bibliography . Chicago  style. please focus on the United Nations efforts and policies.

please use simple language because my English is  not perfect.

The policy paper consists of the following sections:

1- the situation/ issue. no historical background is necessary, a policy paper is very precise and to the point.

2- possibile policy alternatives that could resolve/ manage/ deal with the issue. be detailed here (describe 4 options / the rational of why they are suitable options)

3-the pro and cons of each policy options

4- the best policy to deal with the situation and describe implementation steps.