Future of Newspapers

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Newspaper circulation has been in decline since the 1970s despite a growing population. Do newspapers have a future? What do you think newspapers must do to survive? To. Writer(Robert Id # 33) I’m looking for quality of thought. Please be respectful and constructive. Please Use easiest words and simple grammar structure. It is not a essay or thesis paper. Do not copy from other sources (such as internet or books) I would like you to go beyond repeating what is there. In this assignment, many of you chose to list examples, but it would be better to pick one or two and give as much detail as you can to show why your example is relevant. • The overuse of “I think,” “In my opinion” or “I believe.” Once again, most of the time it’s not necessary to use these. These are your papers and what you write is what you think or believe. • Attribution. I expect you to attribute facts and figures to the source. – Please know that I’m an international student (female student from south Korea) so I hope that you use easiest words and simple grammar structure when you write paper for this order. If you have any questions please contact me Thank you very much.
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