Foundations of Knowledge and Professional Skills

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Part A: Locate, read and review the following article:
Ladge, J.I., Clair, J.A., Greenberg, D. 2012. Cross-domain identity transition
during liminal periods: constructing multiple selves as professional and mother
during pregnancy. Academy of Management Journal, 55(6) 1449-1471.
Part A is worth 75% of the final mark. Word limit: 1000 words (+/- 10%)
Part B: Reflect on the discussions that you have been engaged in with your study
group on Blackboard. Using one or more relevant concepts from your module study
book (e.g. learning process and styles, time management, thinking, reasoning and
creativity), critically examine how these discussions have contributed to your
Part B is worth 25% of the final mark. Word limit: 500 words (+/- 10%)
Both Part A and Part B should be submitted within one document. Begin Part B on
a new page. Provide title headings within the document to clearly separate Part A
from Part B. Each Part should have a dedicated reference section