Foundation Engineering

Order Details;

We would like your firm to submit a proposal to provide recommendations for the following:
1. Foundation type and load bearing capacity. Alternatives for both shallow and deep foundations
MUST be provided along with pros and cons of each. After both alternatives are presented select
the one you feel is most appropriate and state why.
2. Settlement Analysis obtain your Cc value from provided consolidation lab testing.
3. Earthwork Recommendations
4. Sinkhole related recommendations
5. Flexible Pavements for a parking area
6. Retaining walls Provide equivalent fluid pressures for both active and passive conditions.
7. Discuss any environmental, social, economic impacts of your design and this project as a whole.
8. Provide accurate ASTM references for your lab testing and at least 2 accurate references to the
Building Code in your design recommendations. For example, in the discussion of your soil
profile, if you discuss Atterberg limits, cite the appropriate ASTM standard. If you discuss depth
of footings, make sure it is accurate based on the Building Code and cite the appropriate section
of the code when you provide the depth of footing. These are just examples, you can use others.
The proposal should include information obtained in a preliminary site reconnaissance as well as a
discussion of any and all work you anticipate necessary for the completion of a final report. Include a
rough site layout showing proposed boring locations. Also include the depth you plan on drilling and
laboratory tests you plan on performing as well as a detailed cost breakdown as an appendix to the
proposal. Use the price list already handed out.
Please address your proposal in business letter format to:
John Smith
Director of Construction Services
ABC Development
Bowling Green, KY 42104