Formal methods and Mathematical logic

Order Instructions/Description

No wikipedia.
No equations.
use of mathematical symbols and notations when needed within sentences is fine.
No pictures.
No diagrams.
no tables.
no bulleted lists (no bullet or numbered or any form of distinctive list of points).
just solid description and discussion blocks.
Books, academic and industrial sources.
academic report writing with third person.

400 words on literature review showing criticism on some references on how well they represented the knowledge on mathematical logic and formal methods in comparison with other sources used.

introduction to Mathematical logic part should include discussion about notations: mathematical proofs, propositional logic, predicate logic, set theory, proofs techniques.

introduction to Formal methods: “Formal Methods” refers to mathematically rigorous techniques and tools for the specification, design and verification of software and hardware systems. this introduction should include but not exclusively: Types of formal methods, pros and cons of each type, introduction on event-B notation, some examples of Industrial applications of formal methods in the aerospace industry, why formal methods should be applied in the industry?, finally , the future of formal methods.

final 150 words, should be about personal opinion on the benefits and drawbacks of applying mathematical logic and formal methods in the industry and why? .