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Economics and Business
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Compute the xxxxxxxxxxxx for xxxx independent xxxxxxxxx Note: xxxxx down all xx xxxx calculations.
xx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx first xxxx to compute xxx xxxxxxxx demanded
Therefore, xxx xxxxxx – xxxx x 15A x xxxx + xxx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +15(640) xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
=-2,000-20,000 + 9,600 + 7,500 x xxxxxx
x xxxxxx
Ep= (-100/1) (200/45,100) = -0.44
EPX= xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx = xxxx
xx x (10/1) (5,000/45,100) =1.11
Ea = (15/1) (640/45,100) = xxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx each xx the xxxxxxxx elasticities xxx the xxxxxxxx in terms xx short-term and xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Provide x rationale xx which xxx cite your results.
With x xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx -0.44, xxxxxxxxxx price xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx elasticity of xxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx expenditure xxxxxxxxxx of 0.21, the company xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx as to xxxx strategies it should xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx using this information. First and xxxxxxxx xxx price xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx that a x percentage xxxxxxxx xx xxx price of xxx product will xxxxxx in a xxxxx xxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxxx demanded. xxxx xxxxxxx that xxx demand for xxxx product is xxxxxxxxxx inelastic xx the price xx the product (Dopfer, xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx an increase in price will not drive xxxx customers xx xxx short term and holding all xxx xxxxx factors xxxxxxxxx x xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx future will also not drive xxxx customers as per xxx xxxx provided.
On the other
– – – more text follows – – –
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xxxx the xxxxxxxxx focus xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx profitably, there has been x xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and practises. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx is one such xxxxxxxx that has gained popularity in xxx xxxxxx xxxxx This is xxxxxxx x business engages a third party partner to xxxxxx some aspects of xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx functions (Jacques, 2006). In making xxx xxxxxxxx to outsource, the management xx a company xxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx at xxxxx xxxxx outsourcing is geared xx xxxxxxxx xxx cost of xxxxx xxxxxxxx thereby xxxxxxxxxx profitability (Ramanathan, 2009). In addition xx this, the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx other factors xx making the decision xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx functions xx third xxxxxxxx
Core functions-The xxxxxxxxxx will xxxx to xxxxxxxxx the core function xx the xxxxxxxx and xx so doing, xxx xxxx functions xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx (Jacques, xxxxxx
Price- The management xxxxxx go for a partner xxx xxxxxxx a reasonable xxxxx xxxxxxx
– – – more text follows – – –

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