Flexure testing of fibre-reinforced plastic matrix composites

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Flexure testing of fibre-reinforced plastic matrix composites

Aim and Objectives:

To carry out 3 or 4 point flexure compares with tensile data in this case a PPS possible PPS with glass fibre. The aim will be to determine why there differences between flexural strength and tensile strength and see if viable modulus in there to see if there side effect . Eventually this will give us information about the material to determine the flexural properties of fibre reinforced plastics ISO 14125:1998

To determine the flexural strength an flexural modulus of the beam material
To carry out testing using four point flexure ASTM D7264 on thermoplastics material.
Compare various composite materials to determine strength and carry out experimental using four point fixture using thermoplastics material.
Carry out various testing for thermoplastic matrix with glass fiber reinforcement and possible vacuum cast polyurethane matrix composites.
Analyse and interpret data and produce report stating recommendations using (ISO 2602) statistical interpretation of test results.

Brief Explanation and Justification of Methodology:

To perform such testing I will be using Z1474 to measure the deflection (up 2000N), to see fracture surfaces and do some Weibull statistics also to compare reinforced material with unreinforced material Z1474 is to tensile test. Weibull statistic will used to compare tensile strength against flexure strength.