Flannery O’Connor Religion

How does religion figure into Flannery O’Connor’s stories? Flannery O’Connor: “Good Country People”, “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, and “Everything That Rises Must Converge” PLEASE NOTE: This course is all about writing analytical papers that require documentation from primary sources, i.e., footnotes/endnotes/in-text notation, etc. You cannot write an analytical/research paper without refering to sources, because you have to back up or support any claim you make by lifting quotes from your sources. English 200 is the course where you must get used to using footnotes, endnotes, etc. The Little Seagull Handbook will show you how to do footnotes, endnotes, etc. and I highly recommend that you purchase it. If you already have The MLA Handbook (from The Modern Language Association Handbook), you can consult it. Some Rules: 1 – All papers will have the student’s name and Eng 369 on the first page only. A title page is not necessary. 2 – All papers will be double-spaced and paginated. If the paper is an analytical or reseach paper, it will always have a bibliography page at the end of the paper. Page length minimums do not include the Bibliography or Sources Consulted page. 3) – There will be no spacing between paragraphs. This is important. Microsoft Word, which most of you use, was designed for writing letters in business, not esssays in college, where each paragraph is meant to stand out with an extra space separating each paragraph. Not so in the Humanities, where continuity is the rule. There is thus a default command that you must TURN OFF in Word. I don’t know what that command is but if you use Word on either a PC or Mac, you must turn off the spacing-between-paragraphs command. 4) All assignments absolutely must be saved in a file format that computer can open and read. I only accept papers whose file format is either .docx, or .doc or as a .wpd (WordPerfect file). And always .rtf (Rich Text formatting) is accepted. NO .PDF files. Remember, if I can’t open it, you don’t get credit for it.