Financial Statement Project

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ACC202 Financial Statement Report


  1. Go to . Under the heading “Filings and Forms” choose “search for company filings”. Enter your company name. Find the company’s form 10K Annual Report.  Print the balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, and statement of stockholders’ equity (Only print these 4 pages. Do not print the entire 10K)

*I attached the Financial Statement, please visit website if additional information is needed

  1. Using Excel calculate 12 of the following for the current year:
  2. Earnings Per Share
  3. Working Capital
  4. Current Ratio
  5. Quick Ratio
  6. Receivables Turnover
  7. Days in Receivable
  8. Inventory Turnover
  9. Days in Inventory
  10. Profit Margin Ratio
  11. Gross Profit Ratio
  12. Return on assets
  13. Return on common stockholders’ equity
  14. Price-earnings Ratio
  15. Payout Ratio
  16. Debt to total assets
  17. Times interest earned
  18. Free Cash Flow

*See attachment, I’ve already wrote down all the formulas

  1. Choose 3 from the above list and calculate for the prior year. Compare the change from current year to prior year and discuss.

*Compare each ratio, one paragraph each (use Word)

  1. Locate the Notes to the Financial Statements and choose 5 of them. Describe them in your own words. I strongly recommend you choose topics you are familiar with (Depreciation, Revenue Recognition, Accounts Receivable, PP&E, etc)

*One paragraph each (use Word)

  1. Which accounting firm performed the audit? *(use Word)
  2. Prepare a vertical analysis of the balance sheet using Excel.
  3. Prepare a horizontal analysis of the income statement using Excel.