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Provide Disney’s historical background. Summarize the nature of its operations, sales, and earnings growth rates, and key financial information such as the exchange in which its stock trades as well as capital structure (equity vs. debt).
Summarize in a narrative the latest Trends in their Income Statement and Stock Price.

Using the latest Annual Cash Flow Statements for your company analyze the following financial reporting areas for your company in the two most recent years:

Operating Cash Flows: Analyze their degree of health or strength and how they compare to net income.
Investment Cash Flows: Is the firm employing its funds wisely on asset acquisitions, selling off assets, etc.?
Financing Cash Flows: Where and how is the firm raising its funds to support its strategic objectives or paying off debt, etc.?
Overall Analysis of the Cash Flow Statement: In your opinion is the firm doing a solid managerial job of its sources and uses of funds?
Using the latest Income and Balance Sheet Statements for your company, analyze the following financial reporting areas for your company in the two most recent years:

Sales and Accounts Receivable: Analyze the degree of growth or strength in their relationship and how if they appear to "be in balance". Please comment on any abnormal or interesting issues you may uncover.
Sales and Inventories: Is the firm’s level of inventory in balance with their sales growth and strategy? Again, please note any peculiar anomalies that may be of interest or suspect.
Quality of Earnings: Examine the firm’s earnings and comment on their general health and likelihood that they are "repeatable" and long-term in nature.
Do a short analysis and prepare select comments on the following major ratios:
Short-Term Solvency: Current Ratio, Days Sales Outstanding, Inventory Turnover, and Days Accounts Payable Outstanding.
Long-Term Solvency: Interest Coverage, Operating Cash Flow to Total Liabilities.
Lastly, complete an analysis of Return on Equity and the "degree" of Financial Leverage the firm currently has and does it support its business strategy?
Report Format

The content and length of the report should be sufficient to present the material in a depth that will identify the key issues and explain the team’s recommendations.

Format: The report should be developed in a Word document using proper APA formatting.

Content Format: The report/presentation should include charts, graphs, and data that will allow the individual to illustrate his or her conclusions in a clear and concise manner.

Conclusions: Lastly, please provide a buy, sell, or neutral recommendation for the firm based on your conclusions from the data generated in points 1 though 5.


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