Finance of energy projects

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I need a paper of 2 pages, wriiten according to answering the questions below. and reviewing a case study and the other files in the attachments. the questions are:
 Questions to be answered:- Â
1) Given the underlying assumptions, what will the price of electricity for sale to the
EEA have to be to deliver a 15% and 20% IRR. What price escalation do you
consider relevant? E
2) If the price is too high, what strategy do you suggest we take in negotiating with
the EEA for them to agree to the consequent price of electricity necessary for our
15 and 20% IRRs?
3) Given the unfolding situation in Egypt, what additional economic and financial
risk factors exist for the project. If the Egyptian government agrees to the PPA
that results in a 15%, or even better a 20% return, should we go forward with the
4) Using the LCOE model, calculate what the LCOE of the generated electricity will
Print out your cash flow results and assumptions on a single one page. Submit on no more than two pages the answers to questions 1-3 detailing any assumptions. You can add additional assumptions/analysis pages to support your recommendations.
#note: the paper has to answered from the the case study, not only answering it but also getting the details from the attachments files