Final Statistical Take Home Exam in Quantitative Methods

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



This is my final statistical take home exam in a subject named “Quantitative Methods in Applied Linguistics” which will be evaluated out of 30 marks ( weight 30%) from the total score. It is very important in passing this subject. I i will really appreciate your effort in doing this task.

Please note that the deadline is final as per the direction of the college and that time can not be extended as this is a take home exam.

Please note the following:

1- This exam consists of two sections, each section contains five questions, and each question some time has sub-questions.

2- All questions are based on a specific article which will be uploaded with the order.

3- The questions are all about statistics, more specifically about ” the quantitative methods”.

4- it is necessary to understand the article and gasp the interpretation of the statistcal  information in it to be able to answer the questions properly.

5- there is a great reference which could help the writer in statistics which is: 
Salkind, N.J. (2014). Statistics for people who (think they) hate statistics. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage (5th edition).

6- Another two references that could help in understanding the research in Applied Linguistics are: 

a)- Hatch, E., & Lazaraton, A. (1991). The Research Manual: Design and Statistics for Applied Linguistics. New York, NY: Newbury House.

b)- Brown, J.D., & Rogers, T. (2002). Doing second language research. Oxford: OUP.