Final Report for Hotel Nikko San Francisco

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Final PROJECT for Hospitality Mangement internship




HOS 4912- Hospitality Management Internship

Outline for Final Report


Final reports will be posted on Blackboard and are due no later than one week following the completion of the internship.  Reports should be written in a professional, narrative style.


  1. Information related to the service organization or group:


    1. Location, size of area and/or population and population served.


  1. Information related to the agency:


    1. Description of the organization/program including:


  1. External relationships: Relationship of the organization to other governmental or private agencies if any (i.e. other departments, similar agencies, schools, national offices, etc.).


  1. Internal relationships: company’s organization, personnel positions, duties, etc.; relationships to representative bodies such as a City Council, Commission or Board of Directors, if any.


  • Sources of revenue and typical expenditure categories (specific figures need not be included).


  1. Brief description of facilities and the general types of program areas.


  1. Brief History of organization (legislation creating agency, significant dates, happenings, etc.).


  1. Summary of activities accomplished for the internship.  Include activities, impressions and evaluations.


  1. Statement of specific types of benefits gained from the internship with emphasis on what you learned throughout the internship experience.


  1. Recommendations to the organization and to the university regarding future internship placements.


  1. Pertinent printed materials (programs, flyers, etc.) in an appendix to the written report.