Final Project "McDonald's Survey"  

Order Instructions/Description

Integrate all of the appropriate portions of Parts 1 and 2 into your final document. The final document will be 2,000 words in length, presented in APA format. These items will be included at a minimum:

  1. Restated- a detailed review of the company and the industry you have surveyed.

  2. Restated- detailed analysis of the data collected including the graphs, charts you prepared in Part 2.

  3. Recommendations for improvement of the service based on your analysis.

  4. Comments on the data collection instrument you used, whether you designed it yourself, or “borrowed” the format for this project. How would you change the collection instrument to make it more relevant?

  5. Final conclusions and observations.

  6. Remember to include at least five scholarly references in your Final Project. Three of the five references should be part of the Part 2 document.

  7. Don’t forget to include a cover page on your final document per APA format.

This final project is to be written on “McDonald’s”

Attached are parts 1 & 2 of McDonald’s survey.

Please start on this assignment request immediately as no extensions will be given and my assignment must be completed and submitted on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 by 9pm EST.